Iqbal Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam


The Iqbal Centre supports undergraduates wishing to undertake research in Muslim reformist thought and the study of contemporary Islam in Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (AIMES) in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies. Undergraduates within AIMES, as well as others who demonstrate the requisite level of Arabic language competency, can also benefit from the ‘Amīmiyya Seminars (learn about these here) and develop essential translation and interpretative skills required for the study of classical Islamic texts.

Previous undergraduate dissertations completed under the supervision of Centre staff include:

The following modules, offered within Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (AIMES), approach the study of Islam from both a critical and reformist approach:

Introduction to Islamic Theology

The Qur’an: History, Text and Interpretation

Global Jihad: From the Taliban to ISIS

Islamic Law: Theory and Practice

The Hadith: History, Criticism and Canonisation

Islam and Modernity

These modules form part of BA Islamic Studies and BA Arabic and Islamic Studies but they can also be taken as Discovery modules.


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