Iqbal Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam


Research interests

The Iqbal Centre is committed to a research agenda that promotes Muslim reformist thought in all of its permutations. Centre Members are presently engaged in research in the following areas:

Islamic law and legal theory; Hanafi jurisprudence; Maturidi, Murji’i, Khariji and Mu’tazili theology; Islamic Finance; Taymiyyan Studies; Iqbalian thought; Sunni sectarianism; Tajwid; hadith qudsi.

The Centre is currently seeking to support post-doctoral applications in the area of Islamic feminism. Enquiries may be directed to Dr Mustapha Sheikh (

Centre related research projects and events

Teaching Medieval Islamic Texts: Methodological Concerns, Practical Solutions, public lecture, University of Leeds, October 2015.

Islamic Legal Methods: Study of Sadd al-dhara’i, Ijtihad and Fatwa, ‘Journey through Usul’ seminar series, Madinatul Uloom, Bradford, April 2015.

Natural Language Processing Working Together with Arabic and Islamic Studies, September 2015

Teaching Islamic Studies: Methodological Concerns, Practical Solutions, Conference, University of Leeds, April 2012

Publications of Centre Members

Sheikh, M. and T. Islam (2018). ‘Islam, Alcohol, and Identity: Towards a Critical Muslim Studies Approach’. In Reorient: Journal of Critical Muslim StudiesPDF

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